Catering to the needs of customers associated with Sounder And flash Siren, Resttable Panic Switch, Heat Detector 2 Wire With Junction Box Base, Sensor Detector, etc..

At Vighnaharta Technologies, we want to ensure that you can fall asleep peacefully and have a good nights sleep. We achieve this by offering you cutting-edge technological solutions to secure your buildings, businesses, and homes. Our collection includes AGDS 32 Addressable Gas Detection Panel, Industrial Electrochemical Gas Leak Detector, Gas Release Panel and a lot more products. We are able to develop a product line that effectively satisfies market demand because to our extensive experience in the diverse safety, security, and surveillance markets. The crew is completely divided, with one division dedicated to system integration projects and the other to marketing and supporting our manufacturer and supplier firm. We are known as reputable producers and exporters in the market, providing high-quality items that meet the needs of the clients.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Vighnaharta is to become a well-respected, dependable leader in automation, safety, security, and surveillance products and solutions. One of the top five recommended vendors will be us.

At Vighnaharta, we prioritize the safety and security of our inhabitants. We continually develop and offer our End Customers reliable products & solutions. Our technology combines real-world products with online services and software to deliver a superior customer experience. We work hard to go above and above for our clients.

Making in India for the World

We take great pride in the fact that our solutions are built around the hardware and software we developed ourselves. We have put a lot of effort into creating products that are of the highest quality. All of the reputable national and international certifications are present on Vighnahrtas products.

Our Brand Story

According to Indian mythology, Lord Ganesh is known by the moniker Vighnaharta, which means the destroyer of impediments. The mythological idea and our safety and security methods are analogous, and our business identity demonstrates this. Our ultimate goal is to offer a sophisticated, high-quality fostering a secure environment for our clients through creating cutting-edge solutions for safety, security, and surveillance.

Our Team

  • Mr. Nitin Joshi (Managing Director): M.Tech-Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay:  Nitin is a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the business world. At age 25, he launched his first firm, and now, he is an expert in many aspects of managing a successful business. He has been the ships impassioned captain, inspiring and guiding everyone on board.
  • Mr. Ajit Deshmukh (Director Turnkey Solutions): M. Tech-Indian Institute of Technology: With more than 35 years of managing experience, Ajit is a seasoned management professional. Ajit has successfully completed projects throughout his career in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, cement, and electronic safety and security. Ajit managed four offshore platforms and subsea pipeline projects worth US $120 million while working as a project manager for ONGC. For industrial juggernauts like Reliance, BPCL, ONGC, TATA, and FINOLEX, to name a few, Ajit oversaw product groups.
  • Ms. Leena Gokhale (Director): Leena has an electronic and telecommunications degree. She has 15 years of combined experience working for MNCs, in the IT sector, and in the electronic manufacturing sector. Her knowledge of technical documentation, the implementation of processes and systems, operations, and project management has given the company a solid foundation.
  • Mr. Samir Buwa (CEO): MBA Marketing, MBA Finance: Before joining Vighnaharta, Samir, an entrepreneur at heart, successfully founded and established P&E (Process and Environment), Semiconductor, and managed Scientific segments for HORIBA India. Samir has established a reputation for solid management and tenacious leadership.
  • Mr. Sadanand Tungare Director- Marketing, Masters in Marketing JBIMS , Mumbai: 30 years of experience in marketing and sales for top global technology consulting companies. Managed business activities in networking, infrastructure, and cloud-based software. Experience in business domain solutions for the BFSI, utility, and telecommunications sectors. Managed P&L for start-up initiatives in the ICT, IOT, and software services industries.
  • Mr. Jeentendra Girme (General Manager): During his 22 years with Philips India, Jeetendra's focus shifted to electronic manufacturing. He demonstrated that he was a skilled manager with a strong command of technology and facilitative leadership. After joining Vighnaharta, Jeetendra overhauled the companys manufacturing operations and led the deployment of top-notch production techniques.
  • Mr. Ramrao C. Patankar (DGM/ BU Head-IDS): In terms of operations and maintenance, project management, technical services, and techno-commercial operations, Ramrao has 23 years of experience. He has worked on electronic surveillance system projects and operations for both the private and public sectors. He is the Business Unit Head of the Intrusion Division, which oversees the banking, retail, and OEM product sectors. Milestone projects include Mantralaya Renovation, 3000ATM across the west zone, ICICI PAN-INDIA, Mumbai Traffic Signal Cameras, and IBMS systems at Datacenters PAN-INDIA.
  • Mr. Anant Gokhale (1964-2020): Anant was a brilliant technocrat and a founding member of the SAN group of enterprises. At his alma maters, COEP and IIT Bombay, he was a top student. Throughout his 32+ year career, Anant made groundbreaking contributions to the development of eSurveillance, Gas & Fire Detection, Interface Communication, and Internet technologies. He made a contribution to "Make in India" through the creation of communication software, customized solutions, and electronic device design. Internationally renowned items have been created by Anant. At Vighnaharta, Anant built a Research and Development department from the ground up. Products created under his direction are instances of cutting-edge technology. We admire the principles he instilled in us as a founder, including honesty, integrity, and trust.

Our Awards

  • Shield Awards for Addressable Fire Panel & Fire Suppression Panel 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Elcina Award for Addressable Fire Panel, 2019
  • SME 100 Award, 2016
  • Maharashtra Information Technology
  • Awards - Hardware 2018

Our Group Companies

San Telequip

The largest manufacturer of Interface Converters in India, SAN TELEQUIP PVT. LTD. also creates a variety of DATA CONNECTIVITY Solutions for the instrumentation, IT, telecom, industrial, and building automation industries. We have been developing these solutions for different Indian OEs. Technocrats have encouraged us and we have been around since 1991.

San Techno Mentors

In order to provide technical education and to close the ongoing gap between university and industry, the Executive team established SAN Techno Mentors on the basis of their knowledge base, international project/product experience, industrial relationships, and SAN brand image. The SAN Group, which consists of SAN Telequip, Crystaline Infotek, Sanstar Microsystems, Realty Automation & Security Systems, and Consultancy Process Control Engineers, is the foundation for SAN Techno Mentors.

FireTweet Technologies

Pune is home to FireTweet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India). We provide our clients subscription-based services for fire safety monitoring. The devoted team at FireTweet monitors the condition of the fire safety systems and equipment installed at our customers facilities electronically from a centralized monitoring station 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Micro Power

Switch mode power supplies are created and produced by Sanstar Microsystems for a variety of uses in important industry areas such as industrial automation, electronic security and surveillance, telecom, power transmission and distribution, and renewable energy, and drinking water.


Modern manufacturing equipment aids in reducing costs and accelerating time to market. India is emerging as one of the profitable possibilities for a manufacturing hub, providing a competitive option to all international clients. Vighnaharta supports its international clients by offering cutting-edge manufacturing services. We assist our clients in producing goods at affordable prices while maintaining a high level of precision. Our production plant, which is well furnished with a variety of pick and place, reflow, and screen printing equipment. We produce faultless, durable items using automated manufacturing and quality inspection. We have a 27,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with a cutting-edge electronic assembly line (45,000 CPH). We have the most up-to-date Automatic SMT machines configured, which will satisfy the requirements for quantity and quality.

Manufacturing Facilities

Machinery & Equipment

  • Four Production lines
  • SMT Line
  • Product Assembly ( Encasing) lines 1 & 2 Sensor Line
  • Service support for warranty and out of warranty products
  • Test Lab for reliability test
  • Store and Logistics for Material movement
  • Pick & place
  • Re-flow
  • Solder paste mixer, Paste Printer Aging racks, Calibration Gas Chamber
  • Environmental Chamber( -40DegC to 100 Deg C)


  • Robust manufacturing unit
  • Cost-effective
  • Premium quality
  • Fast time to market
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